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Not Sure If I Have A Virus.video Codec Trojan Virus?

Possible Infection: Windows acting weird constantly after a while

Problems following Preparation Guide for Malware removal

Q7 Virus?

Scans don't turn up viruses or malware

Seems infected by virus

Sent a virus link on purpose?

Serious email issues happening and think I have a virus undetected by malwarebyes

Slooow computer. I think I may have a virus.

Slow Boot - May be infected

Slow Download Is my computer infected?

Slow internet but no obvious virus/trojan signs

Slow Internet/possible Virus Or Adware

Sluggish performance. Think I may be infected

Smartphone USB Infection

So many problems caused by virus - Can someone please help me.

Some kind of virus I think.

Something isn't quite right. virus/trojan activity?

Something is wrong with Internet Explorer - possible damage due to forme Virus?

Spybot Warning:application Has Been Changed

Spreading a virus via flash drives?

Spyware infected help . please

Spyware And Possible Virus Infection

Spyware infection Warning Dangerous Spyware

Still Infected With Spyware

Still infected? or hardware damage?

steps involved in repaving? can malware survive it?

Still infected after virus attack?

Streange blocked behaviour on my computer. Is this a Virus?

Strange behavior and bluescreens. am I infected?

suspect a virus

Suspect infection. BSODs without changes

Sure I have a Virus

Suspect Malware and Infostealing - Please guide

Suspected of Malware

Suspected rootkit malware; lost fresh restore point; AVG returned when deleted.

Suspect Malware on my Mother's Computer

Suspected trojanhorse/Computer is also running slow

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