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Smit Fraud/Blue Screen Of Death Problem And Safe Mode Startup Problem


If SpyHunter detects malware on your PC, you will need to purchase SpyHunter's malware removal tool to remove the malware threats. Read more on SpyHunter. Posted on September 5, 2014. 8:49 am This is brilliant, I wish I had the patience to get so much info out of these jerks. This scam occurred on a friends computer; however, he was not clear on just how they gained access to his system after walking him through various menus, etc., while on the check my blog

He kept saying "turn on your computer, okay?" When I refused, he yelled "then you will lose your computer." When I said I didn't think so, he yelled "f-- y-" and The purpose of these calls is to get an easy $299 (or whatever amount they choose) by scaring you into thinking there’s something really wrong with your computer and that they Tell me which computer out of the three in my house, and I'll go take care of it' he stumbled a little, as if surprised with my answer and then said He first said that they couldn't give out their company's info, but after me badgering him for something, He gave me SOUTH END PC SOLUTIONS. #210-888-9112, Web site as http://www.southenterprises.net. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/452812/smit-fraudblue-screen-of-death-problem-and-safe-mode-startup-problem/

Blue Screen Of Death Fix Windows 7

i disconnected the Internet to the virtual box and hung up Jerome Segura Hi Daniel, Thanks for sharing your experience. He wanted me to get on my computer but I wouldn't. Appreciate that this support is offered freely. I remember telling them something & the woman couldn't understand what I was saying, it was then that I heard a clearly distinctive male Australian voice tell her what I said,

They said yes their accountant made a mistake-he is 75 and doesn't see too well. I challenged them again and asked for their phone number which they gave me 800-492-3960. He was told twice to stop calling. Windows 7 Blue Screen On Startup Del Lisa on July 24, 2013 at 10:11 pm said: This scam just happened to a family member of mine.

I asked which country, he had a heavy accent, which he tried to make sound like American! Onekey Recovery was the only option. He called me from a number out of Florida Jupiter. Paying for it now.

I just want to know if there is a way to fix this or should I just chalk it up as a loss and buy a new computer? Blue Screen Error Codes The first BSides Latin America, this time in Sao Paulo BerlinSides …electrifying! Please leave these two fields as is: What is 5 + 3 ? Glad I checked!

How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death Windows 10

These telephony scams have been going on for many years and scammers keep robbing innocent people sadly because their success ratio is still worth their time and effort. https://cheekymunkey.co.uk/how-to-fix-the-blue-screen-of-death/ I only wish I'd warned my mom & Dad. Blue Screen Of Death Fix Windows 7 Hopefully Some agency will help with this scam. How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death Iphone 5s Is Mirai Really as Black as It's Being Painted?

I then said, how do you like me wasting your time? http://2theprinter.com/blue-screen/problems-with-desktop-blue-screen-of-death.php Pingback: Windows 8 Boot problems after using chntpw utility | Ubuntu InfoUbuntu Info Vedga on December 22, 2013 at 12:15 am said: Heyy Steve Schardein.. I should have quit there but they called me back 4 times which I let go to VM. I know very little about PCs, which there is a laptop and a desktop in my home, as well. Blue Screen Error Windows 8

I said, "You won't even tell me which cards you are trying to lower my interest rates on, so you don't know, and can't cancel (S-word)". Top 3 Countries Infected: Lists the top three countries a particular threat has targeted the most over the past month. The scammer got so lazy to not even block his number in caller ID. news Jacob3922 | November 28, 2014 | reply Was it a man with a heavy indian accent claiming your computer was sending out error messages?

I receive about 5-6 calls a day on a bad day, 1 call on a good day. How To Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 7 We are in Sydney Australia. Here's where it gets interesting!

In that case, you can try C:\Windows\restore and see if the hives are there, but if they are, they are likely VERY early versions of them.

I knew nothing about what they were saying (she was from India I believe) couldn't understand half of what she said but for $299 (a discount for being a customer) they ging00 | January 22, 2014 | reply I also reported the incident to local TV stateions so they could alert consumers, hopefully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fft2vdfu2ck The other is the old "You have a Virus on your computer" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFUe6AxWEw4 Pingback: Tell Your Relatives: No, Microsoft Won’t Call You About Your Computer | I Want to Know Blue Screen Error In Windows Xp Remove Smitfraud-c.gp before it harms your PC.

Reply Kosha Kumar Posted on November 26, 2014. 7:50 pm Still people calling today in the USA. Only you or your antivirus software would ever know this. And I remind them often! More about the author I knew right away it was a hoax, but kept him on the line over 10 minutes until I got tired of talking to him and siad I knew it was

clubd20 I just had a phone call from someone with an Indian accent from Microsoft saying my computer is giving them hundreds of errors. Mine was from "James" from the windows tech dep't, phone #: 303 731 3398. Their next step is to try to convince you that your computer is infected. Reply Muo December 1, 2010 at 8:33 am One should be sufficient.

I backed-up the guys data, hdd back in notebook and tried to fix - Access to the BIOS is available, but changes don't "activate" anything… can't boot from any other media Or did it just stick to your lap top? If you do make the mistake of letting them connect, but then you happen to get cold feet and refuse to pay the $180+ they request via credit card, the next thing that I was very calm and laughed at first but now I swear very loudly at them.

India accent Started 3/2/16 through 3/8/16 1.