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No Programs running with HIGH CPU USAGE

Possible infection: One process of chrome.exe *32 has very high (50%) CPU usage

Possible Trojan Virus Causes Disk To Idle at 100%

Problems With Sluggish Computer + Cpu Usage

Processor running at 100% CPU usage - can't do anything now

Processor Shoots to 0% or 100%

Run chkdsk periodically even if nothing wrong?

Running slow maxing CPU

Seriously rediculous amounts of CPU used when nothing is even open.

Services.exe running away with 95% CPU

Slow - Not Using All RAM?

Slow Computer - no high RAM & CPU usage

Slow Comp Cpu 100% - Pl Help

skype.exe high cpu

Slow computer - CPU Usage - Graphics issues

Slow Computer Due To Frequent 100% Cpu Usage - Unidentified Culprit

Slow computer but low CPU/RAM/GPU usage.

Slow computer with constant 100% cpu usage

Slow computer but Task Manager CPU usage low

Slow Pc And Low Cpu

Slow PC & CPU @ 100%

Slow Computer; Two Processes Hoggin Up CPU

Slow internet browser and cpu 100%?

Slow cpu usage high

Slow computer but low CPU usage

Slow system - High CPU usage

Slow startup but low cpu usage

Slow machine on start up ( up to 100% memory usage).

Slow Laptop With 100% Cpu Use Every 6 Seconds

Slow Computer with misc problems and 100% CPU

Slow Win 7 machine / High CPU usage on idle

Sluggish performance and high CPU usage

Slow Running Xp Cpu Usage 100%

Slow startup and cpu usage 100%

Something is up Running Slow CPU hanging @ 100% for a longtime

Something is running up my CPU Usage and I can't tell what

Something Spiking My Cpu. Help? Log Included.

Starting today my MS Outlook pegged at 100% CPU and stay there

strange app running. Hogging 50% of cpu

Streaming videos using nearly 80% of CPU

Sudden High Cpu Usage

Streamiing online videos problem (100% CPU usage and computer squeeks)

super slow cpu usage

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