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Yeah, I know, petty. Why is this feature not supported for Windows XP SP3? Below you can see the most important differences and the price of personal versions. Could you please have a look at http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/officevolact/thread/13589af1-f4a6-4b67-8308-8f562a2bf53b I have another activation question.

Both 32 and 64-bit versions are supported and there are no problems with DEP or UAC. The windows default for this is 300 seconds. --Pierre Tuesday, December 07, 2010 6:06 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote I am referring to the InactivityShutdownDelay registry I have exactly the same problem. All SDK's and samples are freely available. • Royalty-free distribution With EXECryptor you can protect, license and distribute an unlimited number of applications and software protected with EXECryptor at no additional

All News » Five Reasons To Use VMProtect Most of our competitors do not have the same innovative features and none has the same leading combination of features and cost efficiency. Piracy is yet another aspect of concern to many software houses. My copy of Office is registered. For the more detailed comparison see the feature matrix, the full price list is here.

It uses new and unique security technology and provides software developers and publishers with an unprecedented level of protection to significantly increase their revenues. VMProtect Supports Most Versions Of Windows Unlike some competitors, VMProtect doesn't rely on undocumented Windows features, so protected files work well on almost any version of Windows OS, starting from Windows Now the IT staff in Asia asked me how often per day the Office Software Protection Platform askes the KMS even after activation of the product? Features at a glanceMore...

Tuesday, May 08, 2012 12:21 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Modified registry as you suggested but made no difference. Just like the API, KEYLOK Shell is created for the customer’s company unique code and the protected application can only run with your company specific keys. When I first start up an app, say Word, OPPSVC.exe is up and running and does not go away after 5 seconds (or 5 minutes). https://www.pelock.com/ We have a server with the Key Management Service running in it to activate Windows 7 and Office 2010.

More... only I have to manually restart the service (after starting up an office app) for it to shut itself down after the time I specified. Information AZTEC 2D Decoder programming library Programming library to retrieve vehicle & owner personal data from Polish vehicle registration / certificate cards stored in the form of an AZTEC 2D image. Unfortunately this registry setting does not seem to have any affect at all on Windows XP SP3 platforms.

If you are looking for the highest level of security, you can integrate two different layers of KEYLOK protection. Every time I start an Office application? A serial number can be time-limited, can be locked to a Hardware ID, can contain encrypted registration information such as license type, and can allow features and other user defined information. Currently KEYLOK Shell protects 32-bit Windows applications.

Easily control the number of times your application can be launched, making a pay-per-use licensing model simple. These problems might require that you reinstall the operating system. These fragments of code in compiled application are recognized by PC Guard and are additionally encrypted during protection process. It is strongly recommended that you not disable the Software Protection service.

That helps a lot. Click (right-click) on the emptiness around those lines and choose New>DWORD (32 bit value). Automatically set expiration dates to make annual licenses a breeze. VMProtect Supports Nearly All Executable Formats VMProtect allows the protection of executable files (EXE, SCR), dynamic-link libraries (DLL, OCX, BPL) and drivers (SYS).

Limited license featureRent or lease software by combining available license limitations (number of runs, number of days, fixed date limitation). If it is successful, then by default, there will be another activation atttempt made every seven (7) days. If you are not in the licensed state (you are not activated), then activation will be attempted every 2 hours.

You may set the following registry key: Key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform ValueName: InactivityShutdownDelay ValueType: DWORD ValueData: The number in seconds, that the Office Software Protection Platform will stay running for, after the most recent

Download trial v. → 22.01.16 Buy now full v. → 18.11.2016 Overview Protection features overview Frequently Asked Questions Online documentation Information Follow us Twitter Copyright © 2003 - 2017 by SetiSoft Can I request a trial for KEYLOK Shell to test with my application before purchasing? Kind regards, Juergen Geiss Germany BASF IT Services As Vegan Fanatic said, you don't have to worry about it. I am having the same problem, and I'm definitely doing it right.

Jump to navigation Get Started Free Trial Support Contact Live Chat 1.800.4.KEYLOK ProductsComparison KEYLOK2USB Serial Parallel KEYLOK3 FortressLS/RS Rechargeable RTC Flash Drive SolutionsCol 1Software Licensing Protection Software Monetization Embedded IoT Branded I have 300 systems running Windows XP SP3 with Office Pro Plus. Restarted the PC. You may set the following registry key: Key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform ValueName: InactivityShutdownDelay ValueType: DWORD ValueData: The number in seconds, that the Office Software Protection Platform will stay running for, after the most recent

Well, Look no further because here at WebToolMaster we probably have all that you could ever think of in terms of Protection Technology and then some. However, unlike the service that does this job in Windows 7, the Office Software Protection Platform Service never stops running. Using WindowsXP, Excel 2010 starts without starting OSPPSVC.exe using this .vbs script in Notepad: '--- With CreateObject("Excel.Application") .Visible = True .Workbooks.Add End With '--- Jim Cone Portland, Oregon USA Thursday, Testversion: Registered Version (password protected): Download Skip to main content Help Contact us Search Search PRODUCTS PC Guard PC Guard for Win32 PC Guard for .NET PC Guard

The Office Software Protection Platform service continues to run in the background. With such a task, upon starting an Office app, I get a message box: "Microsoft cannot verify the license for this product. ...". Give it an action of: Start a Program with a Program/script of: net and arguments of: stop osppsvc This will stop the service after it has completed its office verification. Yes, KEYLOK Shell can be used with KEYLOK API.