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Backdoor programs are generally used by hackers to steal your personal information, such as e-mail passwords, credit card numbers and banking details. I was unable to delete them, however, so followed advice and link from ND, above. If the above steps fail to resolve the issue, it may be due to outdated hardware or software. Jeff This file is commonly for windows print jobs, but it CAN be a trojan infected file that opens back door so kill it in task manager and if u need

What solution ???? If I end the process within Windows Task Manager, all problems go away. Once they clear the cpu will be freed. Solved the problem.

Jon I did as said and deleted all outstanding print jobs. To verify if it is valid: right click on it and click file location. Scott it took all my cpu, and it was my fault.

I plugged it back in and the cpu use instantly went back to normal. Once I had cleared the viruses out of my system(MSN introduced) my system ran normally. why it was so big who knows...) apoc I had a job with status of printing in que for Microsoft Image Writer that caused this. This resolved my issue.

Paul Not a virus. why it was so big who knows...) apoc I had a job with status of printing in que for Microsoft Image Writer that caused this. Then I entered this website and risked to do what You've said, because I was in need to restore my laptop CPU power. http://www.exe-error-fixes.com/deal-high-cpu-usage-spoolsvexe-problem/ We are currently deleting the file and rebooting at least once a day.

thanks for everyones help. Note: The spoolsv.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. To fix, first delete all pending print jobs in the print queue. Ben if u dont want it just disable the printer spooler service, but it would be easier to cancel any jobs waiting to be printed SZ First use a system search

joe I agree with strebor. http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000914.htm Often I"ll be playing a game or something and the computer slows down to 10%. Thanks once more!!!! edd2edd "spoolsv.exe" is a windows built-in service for managing the printing jobs and operations.

The Image Writer had a print job waiting to print. BleepingComputer is being sued by Enigma Software because of a negative post of SpyHunter. MrGrey definitely, absolutely a virus which blocks internet explorer,freezes the machine,and prevents to restart or shutdown.U cant easily delete it,or just prevent it by disabeling printer share from the services..I am You can turn off printer spooling in printer properties.

I have Windows2000, and I don't know how a printer spooler can use 90+ percent of my CPU for 10+ minutes! But it was using 98-99% of my 2.5g cpu. If it is getting all cpu resources, probably you have a printers/fax configuration problem. rmann 99% CPU resources were being occupied, we deleted the Office Image Writer print jobs and went back down to 1-2%, problem solved.

Back to top #13 capnrazor capnrazor Members 6 posts OFFLINE Local time:10:32 PM Posted 11 December 2009 - 04:27 PM Yes and yes. It's the Windows print spooler. Ringwald don't know much except the CPU instead of 100% is now 2% after deleting a print queue on my scanner !!!!

However, like any file on your computer it can become corrupted by a virus, worm, or trojan.

I checked and rechecked and my system was clean. If somebody could tell me why this is happening cos' I don't believe that it's due to my printer (Lexmark 1100 series) Tumppi Control Panel/Printers and Faxes/Right Click on the Microsoft Nathan W. See also: Link Mr.

Open the Control Panel. It's a print spooling application, but is easily targeted for spyware and/or worms. When that happens, they can be very difficult to detect and remove, but using a comprehensive system scan usually detects them and allows you to safely remove them. It was taking up 120meg but now only 11.

If it is the Spoolerserver, a propable cause is the driver for a disconnected printer (notably HP) still polling said printer. delete all files in folder C:\WINDOWS\System32\Spool\Printers such as '000x0.SHD or 000x0.SPL'. 4. Like me for instance i got hacked earlyer. There should be no reason For a " spooler" to need access to the internet.

However, files do become corrupt at times and some malicious files are disguised to represent known, secure system files. Siddiq Everybody READ, look at your processes, there may be two of the spoolsv.