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Rootkit - [Computer 1] antivirus wont run - AV websites blocked - google links redirecting

Rootkit & Google Redirects

RootKit / Kryptik / google redirect / security 2012 [Work Computer]

Rootkit with Google Redirect

Rootkit with STOPzilla Google redirects

Possible Google Redirect Virus/Unknown

Possibly Some Sort Of Redirect In Ie - Not Sure.

Ran combofix to fix a google redirect virus

Recurring viruses and google-redirect.com screwing up

Same as everyone else - google redirect and rootkit virus

Same Google Problem as a lot of others - redirects

Search Engine redirect + Spybot & AVG updates

Search engine redirect including pop-ups; Hijack This log

search answer results lead me to I-X search results

Search Engine Redirect (Findstuff

Search Engine Redirect Cause Cannot Be Found

Search engine misdirect infection

Search engines being redirected to corrupt links.

Search redirects. Hijackthis log posted. Need help.

Search results redirected. Tried Avast/MalwareBytes/Spybot

Search Engine Redirect + Can't run Trend Micro

Search Engine Virus - Ran combofix - now what?

Search links redirected. Tried everything else.

Search Results Redirected and Random IE Script Error Notifications (NEW)

Search engine redirects and other possible worms/virus

Search Engines Hijacked And Driving Me Mad - Help

search results redirected - tried spybot

Searches redirect and BSOD

Searchtracker Redirecting Search Results from Google & Yahoo

search links being redirected/ unwanted new ie windows/cannot post requested logs to you

Security Guard 2012 & google redirecting

Security Shield *rage* - HJT Log

Seem to have TDSS or some Google redirect

Shopica/Toseeka Google Redirect.

Simple Help .I hope lol; Hidden HTML VIRUS

Sirefef virus/trojan - my PC keep restarting every minute - Win Home Basic 7 - 64bit

Smart Hdd Google Redirect Virus

Spybot Detects Ms Server Registry Entry & Avast A Trojan

Spybot detected 9 trojan entries.how do I remove?

Spybot advises of attempted registry change every 30 seconds

Spyware Doctor rootkit.tdss and google redirects

Spyware That Won't Die I Think It's Vundo

Started with Google Redirect and turned out to be a mess

Strange music plus Google redirect

strange win32 app with no help from google?

super persistent google redirect

Suspect Google Redirect Virus - Please Advise

Suspected Google Redirect virus

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