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Rkxhaa.exe pop-ups

Rogue .exe file taken over pc

Rogue Antispyware Spyware Protect. [Moved]

rogue AV cannot remove

Rogue Windows XP Antivirus 2010 Issues

rookit won't go away after XP security 2012 malware removal

Roomie Crashed The Computer

Root kit - How to remove?

Root Kit problem maybe and i don;t seem to be able to get help

Root kit problem [Moved]

Rootkit - don't know how to remove

Rootkit / malware issue

Rootkit / Malware HELP PLZ.

Rootkit (tdss) and others problems

Rootkit / Malware Problem (conncection & sluggish operation)

rootkit / malware infection

rootkit activity dectected but not removed

Rootkit activity on my Windows XP SP3

Rootkit activity? Hidden browsers & ads

rootkit and malware return back after format

Rootkit and other stuff maybe help please

Rootkit attack in registry services

Rootkit detected

Rootkit created small partition on harddrive; blocks tdsskiller

Rootkit embedded in my machine

Rootkit found but can't be removed


Rootkit hidden behind drivers

Rootkit help

Rootkit I think - still after Formatting and Reinstalling clean windows 7

Rootkit infected pc

Rootkit infectio -

Rootkit in Windows 7 that I cannot work out how to remove

Rootkit infection - possibly TDSS?

Rootkit Infection & Found Windows Fix Disk in Start Menu

Rootkit infection -- trying to fix for days and haven't got it. Need your help

rootkit infection / multiple IE popups

Rootkit infection here

Rootkit infection: can I just format and reinstall?

Rootkit Infection: Malwarebytes and other programs won't run

Rootkit infection cannot run HJT

Rootkit infection-unknown Hosts file problem

rootkit malware adware infected

RootKit Malware

rootkit malaware

rootkit need help removing

Rootkit or Malware I cant get rid of

RootKit Problem. Can't run Malware Programs

Rootkit problem [Moved]

Rootkit still present after clean install

Rootkit that I can't seem to clean

Rootkit that stops any scan immediately. Can't clean

Rootkit trojan PRAGMApouoiemjnw hidden service

Rootkit Trojan (I think)

Rootkit trying to reach out to spyware sites in Win7 64bit

Rootkit virus after cleaning out a trojan

rootkit virus csrss

Rootkit Virus detected

Rootkit Virus Has infected registry

Rootkit.Gen. Computer is dying.

Rootkit.TDSS is kicking my @$$

Rootkit.Tdss registry entry

Rootkit.TDSS.Gen detected

Rootkit.Win32.BackBoot.Gen virus removed-now windows problems

Rootkit/Bootkit of unknown origin. Please assist

Rootkit/Bootkit Removal assistance

Rootkit/Malware activity

Rootkit/Trojan.TDSS Help

Rootkit/Trojan/Malware trouble? (XP SP3)

Rootkits discovered.need assistance (logs attached)

RootKits and Trojans and Bugs. OH MY

Rootkits cleaned

Rootkits found in AVG scan

Rootkits infection

Routed to ad pages when using IE search

Router security for Win 7

Router Shows Online After Shutting Down Pc. Bot ?

Rrup.exe Adware I Can't Remove

Rugged Times=Possible Rootkit?

Run 2 Operating Systems on 1 PC

Rule out possible malware

Run errors & assistance removing trojan/spyware/malware

Run Full Screen Program In A Window?

Run Missing?

Run Which Malware Programs W/sys Rest. Turned Off?

My internet still being slow after spyware attack?

My laptop has malware infection

Need Help Please - Virus Hid All Files.

Need Help Getting Rid Of Viruses/spyware

Occasional hijack of search regardless of search engine

please help me remover hijacker

Please help me removing any malware or other issues on my computer

Please help System Check Malware.should I log off?

Please Help With Major Spyware Problem

Please Help. Your computer is infected Windows has detected spyware infection Popup and Cant Run HijackThis

Please help with Malware infection - tried everything

pop up and redirect search results google/yahoo

Poor Vista In Identifying Drivers

Pop ups and ads in Google Chrome and slowed down PC

Pop Up's Everywhere Using broadcaster Website Advertisement

Popup And Adware Removal- Successful?

Popup and extra webpages opening

Pop-ups And Viruses


Possible infection? AdAware cannot connect and machine slow

Possible malware - please help

Possible Malware - Not going into hibernation mode

Possible rootkit left behind causing problems

possible spyware/adware issue

Possible screen capture going on

Possible trojan / keylogger

possibly autorun.inf virus

Possible Virut infection - lots of tools tried

Post Rebuild - Unsure if I'm infected?

Post-spyware Removal Remains

Problem changing date in Win xp

Problem With Annoying Popups

Problem with searches with Google and Yahoo redirecting

Problems With Computer Malware/spyware

Problems with computer but do not know what type of virus

problems with virus scanners and security/ Computer 1

problems with XP uninstall

Print On Xp Using Vista?

Programs being blocked

Question about after dis-infecting a PC

Quick question about ntuser.dat files on XP

Random new windows popping up on startup

ransomeware encryption virus

Really bad trojan destroying programs and computer

Really Bad Spyware

Really Slow Computer. Am I Infected?

Really bad trojan problem please help

Recovering from GVU Malware- cmd.exe issue

Redirect in Goolge search

Reformat. How Does Computer Remember Settings & Infections ?

Reformat Xp Hdd Before Using As External Hdd

Reformat without installation CD

Reformat XP without cdrom



Reinstall Problem WinXP + Office 2003

Removable drive into an alien computer

Removal of invisible antivirus

Remove Icons

Removing a Google Search Redirect

Removing a password

Removing a Malware from an encrypted drive

Removing Programs

removing program

Removing Programes

Repeated Infections with Mywebsearch and other Spyware

Restarting Windows

Restore and update

Restoring Backup/Quickbooks

Restoring backups from a previous instillation of your Vista to the new instillation of it?

Rootkit found - 'Hidden Directory'

Rootkit ? after clean reinstall

Rootkit infection please help [Moved]

rootkit problems [Moved]

RootKit Infection Problem [Moved]

Rootkits Detected

Router connects to latop

router drops out following someone getting my email pasword

Run Laptop Faster

Run Missing From Start Menu

Run Files at boot-up?

Running Slow/popups

Running computer as someone without Admin privileges.

Russian Ads popping up and redirecting to another sites

Running check for viruses on computer-

Running Chkdsk ?

Running EXTREMELY Slow (I think I have a malware issue)

S M A R T Check Virus and .crypt files

S.M.A.R.T. has infected my pc :(

Russian Pop-up ads in all my programs (Chrome

Running disc emulation

Running Into a new problem with my Ram

Running Windows Vista.is There Any Malware On Here?

Running Test Of Ram With Memtest

Safesear.ch in FireFox

safesear.ch is on my first screen when opening IE

Safesear.ch browser hijack

Russian virus has hidden my windows folder contents

Safesear.ch virus

Running out of time with Malware issue

Safesear.ch IE homepage lockout

Safari is infected with something on my Mac

Safe to have infected PC online - But not in Workgroup?

safari and Internet explorer search hijack

Running in Background

same random redirection as everyone else

Running in the background

Same spyware showing up everday on scans

Saving To Cd

Say If I Wanted To Email A File And Zip It.

Safesearch malware. Infected even after following a guide to remove

scan a ducument & make a change ?

Saving Files from a corrupted disk

Saving files from emails

Saving the contents of a website

Saving to removable CD

Saving Video From Dvr

Running Malwarebytes - Anti-Malware s/w in Boot Mode from Internet ?

running combofix on drive other then C:

saved automatic backup in the wrong place. D-Data Drive :(

Scan before downloading any file?

Same Startup Problem on 2 Different PC's

Save my Computer

saving video clips to computer

Scanning DVD Back up files

Safe Mode Malware

saving e-mail

Scanning for remnants of trojan infection

Same problem - re-direction issues :(

Scanning possible infected files

save Producer files

Save and send Word & Excel

SATA driver needed for new OS installation?

safesearch.B adware

same program

Saving In Excel

Saving PDF Files

Sandbboxie do you use it?

Saving Desktop Links.

Scans come up clean

Saving Files And Software Programs To A Cd

Scans appear clean

screen nonactivity timeout

Screen not bright enough

Scanners Say I'm Clean

Screen Logger and Key Logger Detected

Screen Goes Oversized When I Close Apps

Running Slow After SYSTEM FIX Virus Removal

safe mode loop using msconfig

screen saver malware

Scanning documents then cut and paste text

Screen Images Got Smaller

Scanning Infected Laptop Drive

Scanning A File

Screen Shot question

saving my outlook POP Gmail folders when i wipe my computer

Screen View Changed

Scanning an infected OS externally as good as scanning it from it's own OS? [Moved]

Scrubbing System of Malware effects

Safe and effective disc reformatting

search engine misdirecting/Moved topic

Scanning A Document To Vista For Editing

saving favorites - internet explorer

screen size changes

school needs help stopping hackers

Search engine be redirected (Google)

Savings-slider. What is this? I didn't download anything.

Search engine hijacked and updates blocked

Screen info being displayed sideways - Help

Scan Scam

Search engine problem after a Antivirus plus infection

Screen adjustment

Screen Resolution Brightness.

Search Bar - How to get rid?

Scratched Disc

search engine redirect and lots of unwanted tabs

Search Engine Redirect & Slow Performance

Search engine redirect virus and pc lockups

sd card infected by a virus

Search Engine Redirect. Unable To Delete

Search Daily Virus. Please Help

Search Engine directed to other sites

Search Assist Advertisement spam/malware

Search engine redirect - can't remove

Search engine redirect - cannot remove

search engine results redirected (google and yahoo)

Search engine crash and redirect

Search Engine (Google) Redirection

Search Engine's Links Redirect Me To A Different Website

Search Redirector.

Screen changed from full to narrow?

Search Engines Taken Over

Search Redirect

Search Redirects + Constantly Disabling Security Center

Search Redirect & Gen Host Serv Win32 Error (Bob's)

Search Redirects + Popups

Search Redirect and Tab Popup

search redirects+wlan card disabled?

search enginges keep redirecting me

Search Engine Redirects to Ads/ Random Ad Popups

Search engine redirects (Google

Search Redirects and Findmycareer.org Popups

Search results taking browser through redirects on google/yahoo

Search Links Hijacked / Background Ads

Search Inqwire Popups/ads

Searching Bug in IE

screen is messed up; fuzzy

Search Engine Links Redirected to Different Sites

Searching for final rootkits

Searches get directed to other sites

search.info removal?

Search.com malware

Screen resolution and text size?

Search results hijacked. Can you help me please?

Search links blocked/sent to ads

Search results returning unwanted links

Searches hijacked in Firefox and IE

Search redirect & SVChost crash

Search Engines (google & yahoo) redirecting

Searches being hijacked/redirected to marketting sites.

search engine malware

Search Result Hijacking - tried everything - please help

Search Engine Rerouting

Search Redirect / pop-up

searches are redirected from google and yahoo.

Search Engine Redirect and Safe Mode Hangup

search redirect + iexplore.exe error?

Search redirect maleware? computer freezes from it

Second infected computer

Second infection after rebooting to factory specs

Searches on Google pointing to ad websites

Search in Amazon/eBay redirects to their online banking screens

Searchqu taken over web seach tool bar

Searched Links Randomly Redirect to Bogus Websites

Searchonme virus

search engines keep redirecting me and i get pop up windows

search.babylon redirect (and others)

Searchweb taken over

Searches Redirected Through results5.google.com+Popups

Second Computer Infected With Windows Recovery Virus

searchresults.com toolbar installed in Firefox

Second computer possibly infected?

Search Results Hijack / Anti-Virus Disabled

Security Shield wants me to buy their stuff

searching from yahoo i get redirected to google homepage

Search results redirected IE/FireFox to other searches

Searchclick8 redirect from google and youtube.

Securing New PC

Security of 'clean' installations of Windows XP

secondary monitor with laptop?

Second.sight Keeps Infecting My System

Securely Delete Sensitive Data

Secure Browsing And Internet Service

Securing Wireless Connection

Security Essentials & HDD Control trojans

Search Engine Trojans/Rootkits

Search Engine redirect and random radio play

Searching on Browser

Secure access to my PC at home

Security protection virus will not go away

security wall uninstall

Seems to be infected by Malware

Security Suite Virus.Normal Fix not working?

Seeking Help - Sysprotect & Other Malware? Infection

Security Protection Virus. Unable to complete uninstall guide

Security Tool virus cant run malwarebytes

Securing Wifi

Security tool virus hit my computer.I'm not sure if it is fixed?

Seemingly Unremovable Virus

SECURITY TOOL protect your pc

Second browser window opening up and being directed to other undesired sites

Security Worry. Infected or something else?

Seems like a Malware issue

Security Tool- Can it corrupt BIOS? Or

Security Tool Virus is destroying my PC HELP

Security Tool virus Registry problem?

Seems I have a few trojans I can't get rid of

Security Tool - Stuck on guide to removal

Seeing Suspicious Programs In Add Or Remove Programs / Computer 2

seek.ind.in - browser hijack - trouble removing

Security Tool infected my computer

Security Tool Virus - Can't Get Rid Of It

Security Tool Infection Removal Problems

Select Skin File

Searching Hijacked

Securing--Used Computer New to Me

Security Tools virus Am I still infected? What do I do?

Security Tools virus and Safe Mode problems

Security Tools Malware Problems

Sector 0 Rootkit Removed installed programs and data

Secure Network Connection.

Sending Links By Msn When Offline And Strange Language Bar

Series of Strange Pop-ups

Sending Mail?

sending videos in Outlook Express

Seems like I still have a virus.

Security Tool Virus and ad pop ups

seems like malware

Serious computer malfunction after removing Malaware-Security Tool

seem to have a malware program

Seems like mmy computer gotr infected.

Separate The Music from the Voice

seems like my computer got virus

Serious adware/malware issue

Sent E-mail

Seeing some indications that I am infected

Seem to have Malware/Viruses. Help

Seem Like I'm Infected With Everything But No Detection. Please Help Confirm And Remove?

Seperating 2 merged hardrives?

Serious PC problems.Possible Rootkill

serious malware effection

Seriously infected

Serious system error due to Trojan in processes

Serious Personal Security Infection.

Serious probablem - I think my computer is rooted

Serious malware infection

Serious Trojan/Malware infections to remove.

Seems to be a horrible virus/malware/spyware attack :(

Serious Speed and Bootup Problems on a Compromised System

security of my computer

serious virus just got onto my pc

Serious virus suspected

Sending A Video File

Serious Malware Infection Please Help

Serious Virus Trouble on multiple computers.

Searching.Com malware YTDownloader and others

Serious Malware Issue

Serious Malware Issues

Separating Email Addresses

Server 2003 infected with rootkit

Serious malware/trojan cannot run anything

serious malware/virus infection

Servicebulletin.net Always Home Page Problem I Think Is Hijack

Services Won't Start Or Disable. Have Virus Scanned

Sending A Virus To You

Seriouse Malware Issue?

Server 2003 possible rootkit infection

Seriously Infected with Malware

Setting up protection for a new computer

Setting Up a printer for Windows

Several rootkits located and removed.

Setup a connection with a friend

Setting up security

Setting Up Shared Folder On Windows 7

Severe virus/malware problems

Several adware infections

Semi-clean Computer Infected With Surfsidekick

severe xp home virus infection

Several sites blocked

Setting MS Office as default instead of Open Office

Severely Infected Computer

serious malware infection need help

Several spyware/malware problems

Settings to control home computer internet access

Serious possible Malware Infection Please help.

Setting Up Wireless Printer Sharing Question

severe malware

setting up Admin. and user account

Several programs of mine are unresponsive

Setup Programs start on their own

Settings to keep my computer private

Setting Up Proxy

Several Viruses Attacking my Laptop

settings.exe reported infected by combofix

Shared Printing

Setting Up New Monitor

Several Viruses Keep Popping Up

Several Viruses on My Computer

Several viruses on my PC

Setup Windows To Burn Cd's

Share a drive

Setthetrend Kindof Popups - Is My Pc Infected ?

Share MP3 file on FB

Sharing An Xp Printer With A Vista Laptop

Sharing Bandwidth.

Shoppingate-virus on Mac

Service pack 3 removal

Setting Default Word Processing Free Program

Shortcuts to All Files in Removable Disk

Shared Printer Problem

Seriously Infected Computer

server 2003 virus / malware

Severe Infection; Have Been Phished

Seven Ways To Keep Your Search History Private

Should I reformat pc myself?

Should I uninstall Norton AV2002 before installing Avast?

Sharing Files Between Xp Desk Computer And Laptop Vista Computer

Sharing Files From Xp To Vista Enterprise

Showing Other Users A Video Of Mine.

Should All Virus & Spyware Detectors Scan From safe Mode

Should I be sceptic about this? Block or Unblock?

Sharing Folders Over A Network

Settings in AV have changed

Should i Remove autorun.inf in my USB?

Shared computer may be infected

Should I Block These Programs?

Sharing Printer

Shrinking Screen

Should I disable windows 7 firewall

Sharing printer on XP from W7

Show Folder

Should I wipe hard disk before selling PC?

Several problems after Trojan infection

Should THIS site have ads?

Setup Laptop to connect to internet using dsl connect

Significant Malware Problem

Simple Question About Desktop Shortcuts.

Share network printer

Should I use Norton Internet Security 2008's firewall or Windows Vista's built in one?

signature on Outlook Express

sharing computers

Silly internet is redirecting itself.

Simplest (Best) Method Of Eliminating Gaps Between Files On An NTSF HDD

Should I Downgrade To Xp?

Shutting down wireless network

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