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Please help my Home Computers My Log.

Please Help My computer won't install anything

Pls Help.My computer is bogged down

Screwy Computer doings

Search companion crashes my computer

search redirects and random music/advert through speakers.

Security Tool has taken over my computer

Skipping Computer

Sites hacked - can my computer be doing it ?

Slow computer / Hacked Wifi / What to do

Slow computer after Pay us ransom issue

Slow Computer & Odd Activity in Registry

Slow p.c and browser/ hacked emails/ internet connection problems

some has control of my laptop

Some Thing Is Wrong In My Computer

Something is in my computer :(

Someone Keeps Remote Accessing My Computer

Something is very wrong w/ my computer

some thing wrong with the computer?

Someone/something has control of my computer

somethign keeps tryign to access my computer

someone is living in my computer

Something Has Got My Computer?

Something has hijacked my pc HELP

Something is wrong on my computer

Something Is Slowing My System Down

Someone hijacked my private computer and turned it into a domain

Someone is coming on to my computer stealing information

Someone is remote accessing my Computer

Something is Very Wrong with my Computer

Someone Is Remotely Accessing My Computer

Someone Is Trying To Acess My Computer

Something Is Wrong With My Computer

Somethings wrong with my computer

Somebody controlled my computer

Someone hacked a computer

Something's Really Wrong With My Computer

something is trying hard to take over my computer

something hijacked my puter

someone has remote access to my computer

Something Wrong With My Pc?

Something's Wrong With Pc

Something took over computer dont know what

Somethings Wrong With My Pc

Someone took control of computer

someone hacked my computor can u hel p me

Something Wrong With Puter.

Something is happening with my computer & website

Someone has remote control of my computer

Speakers Coming On With Commercials

Speakers play music and tabloid gossip in background. task Manager shows nothing running. Internet closes on its own.

SpyBot S&D found suspectible ports ? Is my computer hacked or botted ?

Spyware haunting my computer

Spyware Playing Music

Spyware/malware Wont Play Fair :(

Strange behaviour in my laptop

Strange Computer Activity

strange message about how my connection is not secure - am i being hacked?

Suspect Hacker Spy Computer Slow

Suspect my laptop was hijacked

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