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Rogue ads popping up unprompted

Rootkit infection - pop up ads

rundll32 & random tabs pop up

No Programs Will Open - No Internet - Pop ups

pop up removal

Pop Up Aol2009 Virus Help Can Not Get It Off

pop up and slower comp

Pop up attempt to redirect to ib.adnxs.com

Pop up asking for all my banking info including pin

Pop Up Saying To Download Anti Spyware.cant Remove It.

Pop Up Site

Pop Ups And Brdr

Pop Up Showing After Scan

Pop up Started to Show

pop ups for personal antivirus

Pop ups been coming up and have search bar that won't go away

Pop Ups Wont Stop 2

Pop ups

Pop Ups Flowing Out My.

Pop Ups Wont Stop

Pop ups won't stop coming up and my computer is acting sluggish

Pop ups everywhere and I can't get rid of them

Pop Ups From Celldorado Etc While Not Surfing

Pop Ups-sysprotect Inc/systemdoctor/winantivirus

Pop-ads & Very Slow Computer >.<

Pop-up Windows Appearing - Need Help

Popup windows internet security- Online protection tool

Popups and such

protection from pop ups

Rootkit? pop up issue

Running slow and having new windows pop up

Russian pop up ads on every website that isn't encrypted

same pop-up in IE


Running Slow And Pop Ups.

scans run clean but popups still come through

security settings on IE8

Security Centre Popups Etc

Security Related Pop Ups

security tool popup does not go away

Seeing popups & redirect for prize giveaways on IE open

Seemingly Indestructible Zlob / Popups / Secure 7.1 Toolbar

severe pop up problem

Several Popups From Cpvfeed And System Gets Very Slow

Several Popups

Shuttnig off pop up blocker

Sister's Computer/ System Defender Pop Up And Various Other Things

Slow computer (2) Adds pop Up

Slow and Pop-ups

Slow computer and random browser pop ups

Slow Computer/pop-ups.please Help

Slow Computer and pop up adds

Slowdown and pop-up ads in Firefox

Slow with internet pop ups cant use IE

Smart Pc Fix Pop Up At Start Up Please Help

Slow with popups

Smitfraud? Blue Antispyware Background; Random Pop Ups

Smithfraud + Other Pop Ups Problem

SMART Virus Blank Start Up

So Annoyinh Pop-ups Please Help

So Many Popups

Some Kind Of Trojan Pop Up

Some Type Of Hijacker/malware/spyware/pop Up Thingie.

Spy Shreeder Pop Up Won't Go Away

Spyware and Random Popups

Spy/Malware - famoussearchsystems & coolsearch popups

Spysweeper shield pop up says blocking xyz

Spyware And Popups? Help Me Please

Spontaneous Google Chrome tabs and help box pop-up

Spyware Popups Driving Me Crazy

Spontaneous Wave Volume Mute with IE popups

Spyware_PopUps Virus wont go away

Spyware? Mulitple Pops ups & Wierd folder

Spyware/ Annoying Pop Ups

Startup attempts to install uplayermediaplayer-setup. Random pop-ups.

Still Getting Adware

Spyware problem - pop ups and peculiar behaviour

still getting Antivirus popups

Still Pop-ups After Numerous Scans And Anti-virus

Still Getting Popups After Many Checks

Still Getting Random Ie Pop-ups After Removing Smitfraud And Winantiviruspro

Still having Issues with pop ups

Still Have A Pop Up Problem

Still Waiting on Tech Support. Virus 2010 Aftermath

Still Getting Popups

Stop Pop Up Ads on Google Chrome

Strange Browser Popup

StopClickSearch popups; unable to view YouTube videos

Strange Popup Before Winxp Login Screen - Malware?

Stopping Pop Up Blockers

Stupid Pop Ups

Stupid Cid Garbage Popups With Firefox?

strange pop up

Strange Pop Up Windows

Stupid First Good Search Pop Up

Strange pop ups

Suddenly getting pop-ups from IE even though I use Firefox

Stubborn Firstadsolutions And 0dp Pop-ups

Strange Pop Ups When Starting

Suffering From Pop Ups

Stubborn Pop-Up Nightmare

Strange Pop Ups Please Help

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