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Running High VM and Mem Us. causing system hang ups

Runs slow and end up Hanging. Wtf

Screen Freezes and Slow-to-Open Programs

Serious lagging.Programs freezing

to Windows Live Messenger causes slow freeze of Windows


Slow boot and lock up problems

Slow And Crashing Computer

Slow and Freezes PC

slow and strange

Slow and strange acting computer?

Slow and Erratic Laptop

Slow And Stupid

Slow and slower

Slow And Frequent Lockups

Slow & Freezing Computer after download

slow and sometimes freezing computer

slow and stalling computer

Slow and non-responsive

Slow and odd

Slow and often freezing Win7

Slow and unstable computer

Slow boot time and apps freezing?

Slow Computer - Folders freezing

Slow and freezing computer

Slow Computer And Freezing A Lot

slow computer and keeps crashing

SLOW computer that locks up

slow computer-freezes sometimes

Slow and freezin pc

Slow Pc. Anti-spyware Scanner Runs Slow And Stalls

slow PC with frequent freezes - anything to do?

Slow PC / Crashes

Slow laptop computer that freezes often.

Slow Pc And Random Crashing

Slow PC w/ Lock-ups

Slow Startup that sometimes freezes.

Slow laptop that constantly freezes

Slow performance and program errors

Slow windows startup and then freezes

Slow/Freezing Computer & Very Slow Boot Up

Slow Running; computer 2 - possibly registry

Slowing computer / random freezes

Slow System And Freezes Up Now And Again

Slow Start Up & Slow Surf

Sluggish/freezing computer

Slugish system and program freezing

Sluggishness and Freezes

suddenly slow laptop with frequent freezes

Sudden PC freeze. Super slow browsing

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