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Please try the request again. AND JUST WHO DECIDED WHICH BOOKS GOT IN THE BIBLE AND WHICH DIDN'T? And for more on this topic, check out our extensive “how to delete things from the Internet” guide, which includes things like negative blog posts or articles. 5. I'm not sure the best way to explain it, and perhaps this is a weak attempt, but first, lets take for granted that there is a God. news

And if I am wrong. Become a pro at Googling yourself Google is your new resume, and you’d better know what’s on it. Instead of just deleting just OUR posts back and forth, I think you would do yourself and the whole world wide web a favor by deleting your whole site. Adams was raised in Boston and Europe and received perhaps the best education imaginable for that time.

Because lord knows (yes, I see the irony of using that statement) that we don't have a plan for ourselves. Personal conviction on a matter does not mean it is true in an all encompassing nature. There is no such proof for god. so to speak.

Error was caused by Trojan-Spy.HTML.Smithfraud.c" If so, it maybe theTrojan-Spy.HTML.Smithfraud.c. It must have come from somewhere." -For the book to be considered Scripture it must have external and internal agreements. When I got no response from God, I fasted, prayed and studied the scriptures more frequently, and with greater intend, and still I received no response from God. It cannot be trusted”, or a man of God saying, “Every word of God is tested”, would want us to put trust into something that cannot be proven.

Joseph Smith lived on the frontier of civilization and his parents were barely literate. Joe Smitty is a fraud. Or is there another explanation to why there are identical passages in the Book of Mormon and the KJV Bible? You're part of it.

Perhaps as humans we are largely afraid of the unknown and therefore try to put some meaning to life. Many of which do not have degrees. Errors in translation are frequent. I wish my grandma didnt live in Salt Lake City.

Research, verify! He is currently developing an open source framework for computer-based fraud detection. Here is a prime example of what would be agreement: in the NT, Jesus says he is the Alpha and Omega. Reply Posted by: Mike Jones on April 25, 2009 at 5:06 pm The difference between the mormon cult and normal people is that when our parents take us to a worthless

His mother said he talked about people here on the American (amalicka) continent in such a way that it's almost as if he was there! http://2theprinter.com/something-is/something-is-wrong.php Just because you haven't heard about it yet doesn't mean the evidence isn't there. 3. Synonyms for testament in American English are: attestation, colloquy, confirmation, covenant, demonstration, earnest, evidence, exemplification, instrument, proof, testimonial, testimony, will, witness. Something went wrong Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?

Here are some guidelines: Apply the highest standards to your profile pictures. For years I struggled to know the truth, and went to church regularly, and preformed the duties of my various callings with great zealous, yet still I received no answer. I guess if you could live like Warren Jeffs, why not stay, huh? More about the author But until you spend the time truly necessary to investigate beyond what you already believe stop using tired and old tricks to convince people one way or another.

And besides, your claims about a lack of archeological support aren't exactly true. Answers from God have consequences in that you're responsible for the knowledge once you get it. If Joseph Smith translated the tablets, So what?

But logically if we think about it then it is unlikely to be a all powerful being who just has always been.

With the expasnion of technology writing a book has been made easier. There's no way I re-writing all that, so here's the short response to one part of your response: "…while I agree it is possible that there may be another sense that If you want to have an intellectual debate then say something intellectual. However, background check websites are notorious for providing inaccurate files, sometimes reporting that a potential hire has a criminal record when she truly doesn’t, or getting other factual information wrong.

After obtaining his PhD he worked with KPMG in their fraud and forensics practice. Reply Posted by: Irving Tischmann on December 3, 2012 at 7:32 pm This is not very high level reasoning. Right up Gordon Hinkleys ass…Which coincidentally is where all mormons seem to have their heads anyways. click site The angel tells him that the ways of the church have been lost and that god has sent the angel to him to bring his children back into the light.

Just my opinion of course but really any religion is just one person or one groups opinions and rules on life. That warm tranquillity I feel is the soft hymns being sung that send a shiver down my neck.