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Roll back windows without reinstalling it.

rollback add a rootkit to my c drive

root certificate missing error

Route.exe application error?

Roxio Error


run32dll.exe not found.

Rundll error. Cant figure it out

Rundll.exe Eating 99% Of Cpu Usage

Rundll.exe problem

rundll32.exe and Explorer.exe errors

Rundll32.exe for XP

New Install Microsoft Updates Blocked

Poor Sound Problem

Pop up stuck above task bar

Problem With Install Shield Wizard

Problem With Installing Windows After Windows Repair

Problem with the validity of my windows key

Problem with the taskbar

problem with missing drivers in windows 10

Problem with Zonealarm

Problem With Toolbar

Problem with network adapter

Problems after auto update

Problems with Office 2010

Problems With Ie And Ms Office

Processor speed reduced by half

Programs Not Updating

Programs won't load; Computer slow

Programs won't open

Quicken 6 to laptop

Random BSOD's / Crashes

Random crashes and freezing

Random crashes after windows 10 reset (not refresh)

Randomly Freezes and error on windows update


Reactivate Windows 7 after drive wipe

Reactivating With New Hardware

Realtek HD Audio -- Mic doesn't work

Recently had Windows System Defender and Antivirus System Pro

recently had zlob

Reinstall Problem

Removing a Windows build?

removed win 7 virus and now can only access programs as system administrator

Returning user needing help with new computer and new problems

Retail Windows & OEM Product Key

run utorrent i get irql_not_less_or_equal error blue screen.

Rundll32.exe Issue

Running beyond slow and turning off antivirus

running DDS complains error on my windows 8.1 machine

Running GEMR causes shut-down PLEASE HELP

Running Win Programs off a DVD

running slow searching and won`t run videos.

Running like crap Programs Lock up

Running very choppy and slow

rundll32.exe. can I safely remove it form windows 7?

Running processes unusually consuming a lot of memory

Rustok/Troj virus

safely backup files before fixing?

Samsung Easy Settings software. settings keep changing. Anyone used it?


Same problem with sound

Samsung chronos 7 series Windows 8 PROBLEM

screen flashing issues

Screen goes black and sometimes comes back with kernel error

Saving changes in personal settings Windows 8

Sandboxie: Absolute best browser malware/virus protection?

Sandbox on Windows Vista

screen keeps locking up when mouse hovers over start menu

Screen rushing down to bottom like a flash.every few minutes

Screen flashing

Screen Flickers & Cursor Flickers.

screen off in 1 minute

Screensaver Closes Open Programs

Screen Saver inop

Screen Pixels out then BSOD and Restart

Screen Saver Corrupting Display Of Screen

Screen scrolls to top every few minutes

Screenshot question about startup entry

Screen flashes on reboot

Screen flickers continuously *after* Windows user login

Screen saver won't run error

Search & User Acount Problem

Screens go white click refresh or turn off/power on fixes (GPU problem or softwa

scvhost device\harddisk\volume2

Scrolling Issues After Windows Update

Screen blanks out after one minute and stops utilities from working

Screensaver problem - The thing doesn't shut off or restart

Safe Mode in Windows 10

Search Bars not working

Screen Saver Settings

Search box doesn't work

Screensaver stopped working

Script Errors followed by a small white square on desktop

Screen Brightness on my Windows Adjustment not working

Screen saver stopped working

ScreenSaver problems

Script error pop-ups and search redirects

Screen Saver Settings Not Saving.

Search Icon On Start Menu

Second User Account Not Working

search won't find executable's in windows folders

Security programs (Spybot and MalwareBytes) will not run

Security Programs And Their Campatibility

Secure Center Popups

Secondary administrator account missing

Security and updating drivers

Security Programs Won't Run

Security on second hard drive

Security Software For New Machine

Security Shield - Lost Adim Rights

Security Center - unable to access wireless adaptor

Security settings change by themselves

Security Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3074683) - Fails to inst

Security Message In Vista

Security Software Shuts Down Laptop - Help

Secutiy Center glitching and freeze/blue screen

Security Tool - Can't Restart Computer

Seemingly random restarts/BSOD

Selecting/unselecting problem

Server (appserv)

Serious Windows Problems

Service Pack 3 ruins my sound card driver

Set up windows 10

Serious problems after update - incredibly slow running

Setting Up A Seperate User Account For My Daughter

Several little annoyances started all at onceMOVED

Several Antivirus don't work

Services.exe shows infected by AVG

Several problems with Vista: Spybot can't delete temporary internet files

Several Antiviruses don't work

Setting up Windows Explorer in Vista

Setup Program runs for a few second then dies - no displayed error message

Serious Problem With New Laptop

Setting protocol associations

Several BSODs after installing Win 10 Pro.


setupact log

Several issues Error Dinging

Seven sneaky adware installer tricks

shortcut shape change on desktop

Settings revert all changes after a restart/shutdown.

Shortcuts from All Users not showing in the start menu

Shopperz trojan in Windows 10

Shell.dll error

Share Your Knowledge About Registry Hack

SFC and DISM can not repair files.

several Problems win update msconfig not admin?

SFC/DISM Cannot Repair

Shell32.dll Changed?

shell icon invisible window

Should I make a recovery disk?

Shortcuts and .exe progs not working

Should I make the upgrade?

Sfc How Does It Update Itself?

Sharing Folders and files Windows 7 (Homegroup issues)

SFC and Repair Fail

Sharing Pictures on Windows Vista

should i install windows 7

Should I upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or wait awhile

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Shrink A Volume In Windows Vista

Should I repair Win7 before upgrading to Win10?

Shutdown/Reboot issue - can not get past the Logoff point

Shutdown never ends.

Shlwapi.dll Error

Shut Down Errors

Shut down or Boot Problem?

Shortcuts don't open right program

Shortcuts On Desktop Do Not Work

Shutdown Error

since upgraded to win 7

Shortcut Problem And Slow Running Computer

Shutdown of PC

Shutdown Error Message

since windows 10 can't access router setup

shut down error

Shutdown While Hitting The Shift Key

Skype & Chrome Crashes | Numerous downloads not working. Please Help

Skipping and Stuttering Computer

Skipping Audio/video - Stuttering Computer

shutdown after logon

Slow and Laggy Videos

Sleep/Hibernate - Malfunctioning

Sleeop mode don't work

Skype. Systray icon.

Slow Computer - Mostly Video Playback stutters and/or crashes

Slow And No Cd Drive Detected

Slow boot up/coming out of hibernation

Sleep/Power issue

Slow and laggy PC.

Should I buy Windows 8.1 or wait for 10?

Slow boot and web pages won't load ( Currently in Safe Mode w/ Networking)

Slooooow Xp On Older Computer

Slow choppy video

Slooow Boot & Shutdown

Slow Computer - Herky / Jerky Streaming Audio Video

Slow Browsing and Processing

Slow CMOS clock

Slow browsing and very slow explorer and disk read write related processes cont.

Slow Computer - Suspect Unecessary Startups

Slow /comp.possible Unwanted Programmes Running


Slow Boot; Slower Shutdown

Slow computer after sometime working

Sleep and hibernate doesn't work

slow boot & shutdown

Slow Computer And Turns Off

Slow booting and general lag

Slow computer and apps will not open

Slow Computer And Changed Settings Every Time I Boot Up

Slow computer - slow also on shutdown

Slow computer unable to install any programs

Skype and/or Webcam causing BSOD - can i fix without restore pc back to factory settings?

slow computer esp. when updater running

Slow computer and no desktop on restart?

Slow Computer. Jerky Mouse

Skype Windows 8.1 BSOD.

slow boot up and shut down

Slow Computer - High memory usage at start up

Slow Image Burning

Slow computer after p2p download

Slow Boot Up-something Not Right

Slow Computer--constant Stuttering

Slow Deleting files on Xp

Slow Computer After Crash

Slow restarts

Slow computer not shutting down

Slow laptop. noticed high CPU and memory usage

Slow PC Shutdown

Slow Running and random switch-off of computer

Slow issues after ugrading to windows 10 from 7

slow computer; IE dropping; Acting odd

Slow Computer And Screen Is Flickering (graphics Card Problem?)

slow task bar load

Slow Startup - Recent Problem

Slow running PC 80% Physical Memory Usage

Slow 10-13 Min Start Time With Choppy Sounds And Cpu Spikes

Slow Taskbar

slow start up after driver updates

Slow Start Up-AVG Free File Corrupt

Slow system w no malware has 12G Ram

Slow Restart - de-malwared And Still Slow

slow startup and overal

Slow start up after clicking website that wouldn't close

Slow searches

Slow Internet Explorer and playing local video

Slow startup and shutdown on friends laptop

Slow Pc And Win Explorer Problems

SLOW responding mouse clicks

Slow Startup / freezes/ programs take forever to begin and more

Slow/ Locks Up/ Missing Volume Control

Slow laptop startup and system

Slow start-up after restart

Slow Outlook And Firefox And Windows

slow start up because of disk activity

Slow Performance after 'Hibernation Mode' resetted settings.

Slow computer with high Ram Usage- THANKS

Slow Shut Down/Black screen after windows sign in

Slow PC after doing the steps in the pinned topic

slow windows UI

Sleep mode causes crash

Slower Performance

Slow Window Interface.

Slow To Shutdown

Slow Machine Performance Especially At Startup

Slowness at startup and slow opening folders (not responding)

Slowdown And Freezing Up - Malware?

Slow Start Up -- (3-5 Minutes)

Slow down on windows and internet?

Slow Startup after Installing Critical Updates 10-13-09

Slows Down Every 10 Sec. And Then Goes Back To Normal After 5 Sec?

Slow startup and other problems

Slow Windows Boot On Fast Asus Laptop

Slow-slow startup

Slow Windows Explorer Opening Picture Files

Sluggish Performance

Snap alignment with multiple monitors

Snow/Grain Computer Freezes and Crashes - Help

Slow pc and keep shutting down

So everything under all Programs disappeared

Software hangs when using usb tethered internet

Software licenses and imaging

Software locking up

Softwares not running

Slow Shutdown for Win 7 64b. Other possible problems ?

Solitaire Statistics Reset Doesn't Work

Sluggish Laptop Running Windows 8

smitfraud+startpage=no desktop/icons

Software hvaing printing problems with win 7

Some Program Keeps Freezing My Computer

Some programs will not start

Solutions for backing up and restoring system drive

Some programs dont work

Solve pc crash problem.

Some lagging and difficulty updating windows

Something Is Causing Programs To Close On My Pc

Software closes by itself

Something crashing my computer w/in 10 minutes

Some access network

Some Registry Problems

Something keeps reseting windows settings of hidden folders

SOLVED: Enabled 'Stereo Mix' in Conexant HD Audio in Windows 10

Son's disastrous problem after Windows update

Sometimes BSOD after Sleep Mode?

Some type of virus - desktop freezing

Something Wrong in Registry

Sometimes: When Boot - Win Doesn't Recognize USB 3 Device

someting keeps using my internet

Somebody please help me Can't even start windows.

something happened_hacked pc

Sonar - blank the screen when you walk away

Sort Of A Problem With The Taskbar

sound and audio driver lost

Sound Issues Need help. Thank you

Sooo Many Problems And Nothing Is Fixing The Problem

Something Stops Me For Opening Programs

Sound Issues.

Sound Problem(?) after Windows Reinstall

Sound Not working in basic windows or browser on freshly installed comp

Sound problems :(

Sound Is Messed Up

Sound Coming Out Of Speakers And Headphones Sounds Like It Is Skipping

Sound lagging and Games running slow

Sound Driver Auto Switch

Sound settings keep getting wiped out

Sound doesn't work/ Even after updating drivers and disabling enchantments

Sound Control Panel Not Active

Sound Playback in Win 10

Sound Volume randomly increases

Sound randomly stops working; restart temporarily fixes it.

Sound popping (Win10

Sound Issue

Sound Driver Not Working

Sound problem when playing both music player with flash games

Sound stopped working-new device?

Sound Stutters

sound card/driver problem

Sound Device Disappeared

Sounds Of A Mobo Crash?

Space on D disk is shrinking

Sound Card Driver Issues

Sony Vaio.turned Awful Yesterday Help Needed

Soundmax Ad1 1988 Audio Card

Sound Device Issues

Sound driver help PLEASE

Sound gets fixed and then when reboot.no sound

Sound of pc messing up .

sounds stutters

Sound device for headphones disappears

Sporadically unable to switch apps

Spybot S&d Doesn't Allow Download Web Pages

Speaker volume auto-adjustment?

Spybot S&d Having Problems

Spybot S&d Keeps Sending Pop Ups

Spinning mouse after entering my windows 7 user

Speaker/soundcard/windows problem

Sound. then no sound. what the hey?

Spybot won't remove this so how can I?

SpyBot Problem [Reopened]

Sound Card Driver's problem?

Spybot 1.4 Report Questions

Sound doesn't work anymore

Sporadic or regular defragging

Sound driver problem

Spybot V.1.4 Problems

Spybot Can't delete increasing number of temporary files

SPTD.sys and Debugging Mode

Spyware - Reboots My Pc When Running Anti-spyware Software

Spybot Anti-Beacon + DoNotSpy10 + O&O ShutUp10

Spyware Protection with windows shield in task bar

Spyware sucks.help to remove.

Start >> Documents Menu Doesn't Work Anymore

start menu and taskbar is missing

start Search Wont Work

Start Tray Issues

start menu changed to an old school version and everything on my computer got really slow all of the sudden

Start Up does not complete

Start > All Programs Doesn't Work

Start menu disappears & mouse doesn't work

Start Up Page Blinks In And Our Blanks Screen

Start menu & taskbar icons missing b/c of virus

Start Menu doesn't line up when the Taskbar is on the bottom.

Start button doesn't work

Start Up problem after computer enters sleep mode or is shut down

Start button context menu help

start button is gone

Started Pinging High On Games. Ran Kaspersky.

Started up computer and all my files have disappeared

Start up insanely slow after upgrade to Windows 2010

Start Menu Favorite programs doesn't show

Startup And Lag Problems

Start up screen and users screen?

Start Menu Not Available On Taskbar

Start Up User Account Problem

Startup Mouse Trouble

startup menu transparency

Startup Items Will Not Load

Startup Problems Part 2

Start Menu Keeps Rebooting Itself

Start Menu Non-Responsive

StandAloneStack 2 dropping icons?

Start up goes thru stationary Bios info page and 'Choose OS ' How to pass up?

Standby & Hibernate Do Not Work

Startup Troubles & Blinking Screen

Start/run Isn't There

Startup Error Since Installing Updates

Still bogging after virus removal and slow computer tutorial

Start button and taskbar unresponsive

Still Getting Application Error after Win 10 Upgrade

static sound on xp

Start-up freeze at wallpaper window

Startup Slow -s&dd/hijackthis Does Not Remove

Staying Private in Windows 10

stdole32.tlb in Excel 2007

Startup Takes Ages

Still fault message when startup laptop

Startup taking 7 minutes after update

Still wondering if I should upgrade to Win 10 or wait?

Still no access to internet after removing Total Security

Still A Sound And No Sound Problem Problen

Startup freeze

Stop Windows 10 Upgrade Error/Nonsense

Stanby Not Visable When Shutting Off Computer

Strange .zip Files Is Fonts Folder

Start with windows ticked

strange acting computer: missing toolbar

Still having problems post removal of AntiVirus 7

Still trying to sort annoying problem out

still have windows antivirus pro

Strange issue when minimizing application

Strange Issues After Computer Crashed.

Startup screen blinking several times.

Strange issues with touchpad and system

Strange Intermittent Freezing after reinstall

Strange Problem With Changed Windows Settings Etc

Strange Problem With Faulty Audio Playback And Slower Computer

Strange notices and start up processes

Still Trying To Install Home O/s

Strange happenings in task bar

Strange OS bug regards internet connectivity

Stuck at login

Strange things happen after Windows 7 re-install -- Corrupt Files

Stuck On Windows Xp Logon Cant Go Anywhere Help

Strange Windows 7 Shutdown Message / Slow Browsing

Streaming videos and games are suddenly choppy

Stuck at Windows Welcome Screen for about 10 mins

Strange windows Security blocking adobe updates and Avira installation (among others)

Sudden endless disk activity on computer

Strange slow down and non-responding issue

Studio computer very slow and audio clicking/crackling all the sudden. Possibly really infected

Stuck On windows Is Starting Up Screen--won't Finish Booting Up

Stupid Registry Cleaner Message

Sudden Extreme Slowness and Unresponsiveness

Style messed with my login screen on Windows - Can't change it

Stupid Icon In Bottom Left Of Toolbar

Sudden long delays in launching apps; a lot of freezes; some flickering

Sudden slow performance/Chrome crashing

Sudden Updates

Strange monitor glitch?

Sudden Slow Win7 System No Clues

Sudden restarting on Windows updates

Sudden Reboot During Video Payback

Stuck in Log On to Windows Screen

Sudden shutdown for no apparent reason

Super Slow all around

Sudden slowdown/lag

suddenly very sluggish computer / cannot log on as standard user

Superslow startup (10mins)

SuperAntiSpyware using all of CPU

Support Thread for the Get Windows 10 app not working

Sudden erasing of all system settings & desktop

strange characters on my screen

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